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O U R  S P A C E

Featherstone is  influenced by the Cabinet of Curiosities

(A room with encyclopaedic collections of objects whose categorical boundaries were in Europe yet defined. Objects belonging to nature, geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art and antiquities) and old European houses from the early 1900s infused with Mystic and Magical ambience This has allowed us to present not only, our collectables but to share our experiences for other people to experience as well.


Featherstone is divided into three parts, the Café & Bistro, Lifestyle Shop and Butterfly Room.


Café & Bistro

our Espresso Bar is designed to resemble a traditional Apothecary room and decorated with old bottles and antique boxes and focus on composing cabinet with many drawers which are separated into categories. Drinks will be served to make customers feel like  brewing potions.


or the Glass House, will make you feel like dining in a secret garden with a glass extension and mystical butterfly collection. You can reserve the room to organize private events from birthday parties, family Christmas dinners to baby showers.

Lifestyle Shop 

is designed to simulate an attic that is made to keep various collection in old European houses, while the cashier is designed to replicate a ticket office of western museums. 

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