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Start the meal off right with these delicious and tasty bites 

Roasted Garlic Wonder Bread

Warm Rosemary bread slices with roasted garlic bulb.

THB 150

Homemade Liver Pate With Bread

serve with green pepper, compote orange, pickles and warm bread.

THB 195

Parmesan Baked Spinach

Creamy and savoury dish with fresh spinach & parmesan cheese baked in the oven until golden brown.

THB 200

Heart Melty Quesadilla

made with tortillas, salami, ham, melty cheese and jalapeños


THB 250

Rustic Cold Cuts Platter

board of delicious selection of cold cuts and cheese


THB 650

Chicken Skin With Mashed Potatoes

crunchy fried chicken skin with homemade mashed potato and gravy sauce


THB 195

Chicken In A Basket

Fried chicken with chef' secret pepper sauce

THB 195

Potato Fries With Bacon And Creamy Truffle Sauce

crunchy and full of flavour potato fries, yummm !

THB 195

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